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European Parliament hosts corporate event of Art of Living

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BRUSSELS, NOVEMBER 13, 2006: The rising stock of Indian spirituality witnessed a new phase of bull-run with top corporate executives form different parts of the world congregating at the European Parliament last week for the Corporate Culture and Spirituality 2006, the calendar corporate event of the Art of Living. The symposium was inaugurated at the European Parliament in Brussels by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This is for the first time that such an event is being held at the European Parliament.

As part of the event, Sri Sri also conducted a three-day 'Health and Happiness' workshop for the delegates.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by among others Her Highness the Begum Aga Khan, Belgian Senator John Marie Edeker, Member of European Parliament Erika Mann, former prime minister of Netherlands Rudd Lubbers, ace musician Peter Mafay and many other members of the European Parliament.

In his inaugural speech, Sri Sri said ethics is the one common thread that unites all fields of life. "Devoid of spirituality, religion breeds terrorism, business breeds greed and exploitation, politics breeds corruption and sports and entertainment turns into stress." Terming it as one medicine that takes care of all illnesses, Sri Sri said, "Spirituality will liberalise politics, socialise business and secularise religion."

"If business can ensure that values are maintained in society, then nothing else can take it away. Ethical values in business can help people become socially responsible," he concluded.

Impressed by the success of the symposium, the European Parliament has offered to host the symposium next year too.

On the occasion, the first Ethics Award for Global Governance, instituted by Corporate Culture and Spirituality, was presented to the Tata Group. Mr T R Doongarji, Managing Director, Tata Services received the award on behalf of Tata Group.


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